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Upholstered Pelmets

There are so many types of hard pelmets that you can design. I often recommend a buckram pelmet in places like a kitchen, as it is a softer less formal look and it costs considerably less and works well in conjunction with a roller blind.

The look of a well made upholstered pelmet is fantastic. You can use different trims and braids to achieve the look you are after, as well as shapes. It is important to make sure they are in proportion to the window. If used correctly they can give the illusion of a larger window, if the top of the window frame is hidden from view.

The mix of pattern, plains and textures are one of my favourite ways to pick out highlight cols from around the room of objects and colours that you already have in situe.

Another advantage to having a pelmet is to not use poles, as some customers hate them!

In my portfolio of customers I have many examples of work that I have done in a very contemporary settings and in very traditional homes. As yet I have not used the Bryon & Bryon Polmet, that is a modern take on the traditional as it is not fabric, but wood, leather and mirrored. It has the track interrogated into it for a real sleek and stylish look.

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